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Name:Oliver Queen
Personality and Appearance

Tall and blonde, Oliver is extremely charismatic with an affable demeanor. Known for his wit and subtle humor, he is very easy to talk to. He is in his mid-to-late twenties. As the Green Arrow, Oliver adopts a Robin Hood-type philosophy-- he steals ill-gotten valuables from the rich and donates the proceeds anonymously to charity. Clark Kent argued with him that stealing is wrong for any reason, but Oliver stands by his conviction that the ends justify the means. He believes that he has a duty to find people who need saving. Oliver easily assumes a leadership position and, as the Green Arrow, is the unofficial leader of Smallville's version of The Justice League.

Oliver has in impressive arsenal of weapons and is a very skilled archer. He enjoys yoga.

Early Life and Education

Oliver's parents traveled frequently and extensively when he was young. They died on October 14, 1989. En route to visit a prominent politician, their plane was sabotaged and crashed into the ocean. Oliver was in the fourth grade, around age 9 or 10 at the time. Oliver attended Excelsior Academy with Lex Luthor in the 1990s. He graduated from there in 1998 and deferred admission to an Ivy League school to sail away in a private yacht to say goodbye to his parents. However, his crew attempted to murder him and steal his yacht. Oliver used his limited archery skills to escape onto an inflatable liferaft, but the crew sailed away in his boat, leaving him stranded in the middle of the stormy, shark-infested ocean. He washed up on an island and was stranded for twenty days before encountering the island natives. He lived among them for over three months during which time they taught him how to hunt and improved his archery skills. Upon further exploration, Oliver was shocked to discover the wreckage of his parents' plane on the island. He collected their wedding rings from their remains and also found a letter his mother had written to him the night of the crash. Serendipitously, Oliver's stolen yacht also banked on the island eleven months after his arrival. Oliver resolved to get it back; he and the natives staged a coup and Oliver was able to reclaim his boat and return to his home, where he began fighting crime in the city as the Green Arrow.

Life in Metropolis

During his time in Metropolis, Oliver lived in a loft apartment known as Queen Tower. His company, Queen Industries, owned the only satellite that stayed online during Dark Thursday and Oliver learned that Lex was behind the destruction. He had Lex followed and kidnapped so he could be questioned about the origins of his powers. Lionel suspected he was responsible and showed up at his loft. Oliver found him there and denied having anything to do with it. Something to keep in mind, however, is that Oliver specifically ordered his men not to use any type of violence unless they were in danger. It is possible that Lex was being "scouted" as a possible member of the Justice League, or else he was being evaluated as a potential enemy. Either way, Oliver now knows that Lex's powers are gone and his interest seems to have done the same.

Oliver donned his Green Arrow uniform and stole a diamond necklace from Martha Kent. Lois Lane became obsessed with finding the identity of the green thief, which got her kidnapped by his enemies. They attempted to torture her into providing information, but he rescued her in time. She attempted to unmask him, but Clark Kent intervened, in exchange for return of the diamond necklace, and the two agreed to protect each others' identities. However, Oliver was unimpressed with Clark; he believed Clark should use his powers to help anybody in need.

Lex and Oliver returned to their school for an alumni event and were startled when Oliver's old friends were killed in violent and mysterious accidents. It was revealed that Oliver and his old friends relentlessly teased Lex and his best friend Duncan Allenmeyer, eventually goading Lex into beating Duncan up and causing him to become severely injured in a car accident. Oliver believed that Duncan had died, but the recent murders began to point to him. Oliver had to face the guilt and regret over his part in Duncan's severe injury and admitted to Lex that he was sorry. However, Duncan had, in fact, survived and almost killed Oliver in revenge, but he was saved by Clark Kent.
Oliver had Dr. Pamela Black manufacture a healing drug. In the middle of a date with Lois, Oliver dashed away to save a couple from being carjacked, but was shot in the process.

He used the drug to heal his wound completely. However, it also had side effects: angry outbursts and mood swings. When Clark went to see if he was all right, he insulted him and ordered him to leave him alone. Lois came into the apartment and saw him there, dressed as the Green Arrow.

He pushed her down into a glass table and fled. He went to find his shooter and discovered he had obtained the drug from a LuthorCorp halfway house. Oliver attacked Lex with an arrow and Lex shot him in the chest. He took the drug again to save his life and Clark gave Lex the drug to save him.

Oliver had been recruiting super-powered individuals to form a group that fought for good. His band of super-human heroes then had to spring into action and rescue team member Impulse. They worked together to destroy one of LuthorCorp's Level 33.1 facilities. He and the Justice League left Metropolis to shut down other Level 33.1 locations across the globe. When Clark met Tobias Rice, he asked Oliver to arrange for him to receive a cornea transplant and sent him to Oliver's hometown of Star City for the surgery.

After Metropolis

After leaving Smallville with his superhero team, Oliver's benevolence and wealth has continued to help the friends he made in Kansas. His hero team has shut down at least eight 33.1 labs around the world. He provided Clark with the details on a lethal internet fight club so that Clark Kent could shut it down. Clark asked him to arrange a cornea transplant for his blind friend Tobias Rice. Oliver also provided a safe haven for Moira Sullivan, the mother of Chloe Sullivan, after Moira was kidnapped and exploited by Lex. Chloe enlisted Oliver's help again when Lois was kidnapped by Wes Keenan. Oliver reported to her about encountering another version of Lex's super soldier in a desert in Utah, explaining that he used an exploding arrow to penetrate the soldier's force field. Clark, upon learning about Oliver's solution to the shield, used his heat vision to shatter Keenan's force field.

Relationship with Lois Lane

"Yeah, well, don't worry about it Clark. You know. I mean, if I lived under the same roof as such a beautiful woman, I would've masked my feelings in sarcasm, too."-Oliver Queen

Shortly after arriving in Metropolis, Oliver stopped by the Kent household to meet with Senator Martha Kent and deliver a letter to her. There he met Lois Lane, with whom he was quite taken, and who mistook him for a messenger boy for Queen Industries. She gave him a tip and sent a rather stunned Oliver on his way. After Lois learned from Mrs. Kent who he actually was, a rather embarrassed Lois went to his office to apologize and gave him a fruit basket as a token of her apology. There, he invited her to go to Lex’s charity ball and Lois reluctantly agreed.

They attended the ball together as Robin Hood and Maid Marian. Oliver fell head over heels for Lois and attempted to kiss her, but Lois stopped him and told him if he wanted to kiss her, he’d have to hit a can off of the dumpster with his arrow. He said it was an easy task, but seemingly missed. A slightly disappointed Lois told him, “Better luck next time,” and went inside, while a pleased Oliver looked on at his target, where the pop tab was dangling from his arrow.

Oliver inadvertently injured Lois as the result of taking the healing drug RL65. Clark told Lois he saw Oliver injecting something and she guessed that a drug addiction was the problem. Afterwards, she forgave him for his erratic behavior and they spent the Kents' Thanksgiving together. When Lois began to seriously suspect that Oliver and the Green Arrow were one and the same, she enlisted Clark's help to find out. However, Clark worked with Oliver instead to devise a plan to throw Lois off. Clark put on Oliver's Green Arrow costume and Lois was tricked into thinking they were two different people. She told Clark that she thought she was falling in love with Oliver, but shortly after, Oliver interrupted another date to dash off. Lois grew tired of his disappearing act and confronted him. To make up for it, he promised her a romantic vacation, but then canceled the trip because he felt his duty to the Justice League was more important. Lois told him that she would not be waiting for him, but he admitted that he did not intend to return to Metropolis. He told Lois that he knew he would always regret leaving her behind. Lois kissed him goodbye and left in tears, ending their relationship in an emotional parting.


* Oliver Queen's home town is Star City.
* Oliver Queen is allergic to peanuts.
* Oliver Queen's parents died when he was in fourth grade in 1989, placing his birth year around 1979 or 1980, the same time as Lex.
* Thanksgiving reminds Oliver of his parents' death.
* Like Bruce Wayne, he is a wealthy playboy, uses his company's technology to support his crime fighting career, his parents are dead, has no true superpowers and becomes a member of the Justice League.
* Like Andrea Rojas, Arthur Curry, and Victor Stone, when he met Clark he attacked him. However unlike the others, this is when Clark first met him as the Green Arrow.
* As far as we know, he is the first Justice League member to wear a costume.
* From what we understand, he is the founding memeber of the Justice League.
* Found every member in danger when he met them. From that point Impulse, Aquaman, and Cyborg joined the Justice League.


[Oliver Queen is from Smallville, and is the property of Mort Weisinger and George Papp. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made. Age Disclaimer: Muse and Mun 18+]

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